We will work together to build an ordered, relevant wardrobe which means you can pick out any outfit to wear and know you will look and feel fantastic.

Do you know that the average woman wears 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time? If that’s you then maybe it’s time to have a specialist round to work your wardrobe!

We will work together to find the key pieces in your wardrobe which will form the basis of your new capsule wardrobe. Compiling a photographic outfit file which you keep, helping you remember how to put together your outfits. You will have a far greater understanding of why those outfits work for your body shape, life and personality.

We will work out the clothes that you haven’t worn for years, no longer fit and don’t forget the ‘what was I thinking pile! I can also offer different options to best recycle the items you no longer need (maybe even to fund your next shopping trip).

We will look at everything in your wardrobe including accessories and jewellery to ensure you can complete your new look using all the tricks of the trade to ensure you look up to date and stylish.

I will never pressurise any of my clients to throw away anything.

I will leave you with an ordered, relevant wardrobe with a list of suggestions such as new clothes or jewellery needed for your next shopping trip. Your wardrobe will have less clothes but give you more to wear and you will look twice as good in half the time.

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Work Your Wardrobe