The P&J produce a quarterly magazine that features luxury at its best. For their Winter 2014 edition I was approached to feature as a new and different way to give a gift at Christmas.

The P&J article focused in on the opportunity to give a gift that was an investment not just a one off purchase. I was able to share my experiences, giving my thoughts on what a difference it can make to people to go through a style enhancement.

The day was seriously good fun, the photographer was very experienced so tried lots of different shots and I changed my outfits several times. I had my hair done by Ailsa from Ishoka and outfits from Cruise. It was very different being on the otherside of the camera. On location at Trumps MacLeod House it was a brilliant venue to get some very festive shots, the team were brilliant and gave us festive props even though it was September!

The final article looked fantastic, thank you to the P&J, Trump International, Cruise Clothing and Ailsa from Ishoka.

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Style Matters for Sixth Form Students